Soundjunction was put togetherin early 2000’s in Istanbul by longtime musical companions sharing hometowns, musical grounds and tastes. Beyond their +20 years’ friendship, the band members enjoy playing and creating music together, recording their own tunes.

Getting the nod in the auditions for the  16th International Istanbul Jazz Festival, Soundjunction performed a collection comprising solely of their own songs at the Nardis Jazz Club stage. Performances at the  8th Amateur Jazz Musicians Festival and ODTU Jazz festival was followed by specific venue gigs.

The band recorded their  1st album ‘Nihayet’ at Deneyevi Tracking Room and is building up brand new tunes and materials for their upcoming records.

Soundjunction set off on a quest to emanate their own sound inspired by contemporary jazz practices combined by classic jazz,fusion and latin timbres and rhythms.

Soundjunction invites you to lend an ear to a novel songful effort, translating plain instrumental performances to a sound of their own..